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Engaged Research: Complementing Community Stewardship with Carolina Scholarship

Jessica Soldavini, UNC doctoral student in nutrition and Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger discuss their experiences working with Food for the Summer.

Carolina Chronicle article on this presentation:

In Conversation with Summer Meals Champions

Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger speaks about Food for the Summer on a panel at No Kid Hungry's 2016 National Summer Meals Summit in Arlington, VA.

Leadership and Food for the Summer

This video is called leadership and Food for the Summer because it is hoped it will be used to illustrate to other communities the approach of a joint effort to address wicked problems like hunger.  So while it celebrates our success, it is really to provide an example to others throughout the state and country that it is possible to bring everyone to the table, our kids and our communities leaders, public, private and non-profit, to solve a problem. -- Maureen Berner, Ph.D, Professor School of Government, UNC

Promoting Healthy Weight 2.0: Food Security and Hunger

Jessica Soldavini, (UNC doctoral student in nutrition) and Dr. Maureen Berner (Professor of Public Administration and Government focusing on food insecurity and improving food assistance programs) speak about summer meals and Food for the Summer in Tennessee at the Promoting Health Weight Colloquium 2.0: Food Security and Hunger. Their presentation can be found at the link below and begins 30 minutes into the video.

A powerpoint presentation of this presentation can be found here:

Best Practices from the Office of Mayor Pam Hemminger
Food for the Summer Chapel Hill Carrboro
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